Select Committees 2016

A Select Committee shall be appointed by order of the House and shall have power to elect its own Chairman. House of Assembly Standing Orders 1989, page 64, S(s) 67.

The Committee’s duty is to consider the Bills clause by clause; once passed at Committee stage a Report is submitted to the House to be adopted.

Select Committee June 2016

The Select Committee appointed by the House of Assembly to examine the Cybercrime Bill, 2016.

The Committee was duly constituted in the House of Assembly on Tuesday 31st May, 2016 and convened on 6th, 14th, 20th June, 2016 ; 19th , 28th and 29th July, 2016 and 2nd , and 4th August, 2016.


Dr. the Hon. Ralph Gonsalves        Chairman
Hon. Judith Jones-Morgan            Member
Hon. Saboto Caesar                    Member
Hon. Camillo Gonsalves                Member
Hon. Julian Francis                      Member
Hon. Deborah Charles                 Member



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