4.* Supplementary Appropriation Bill (No.9) 2019 
     (Honourable Camillo Gonsalves/Minister of Finance)

1st Reading, 2nd & 3rd readings/passed

5.* Consumer Protection Bill, 2019       
     (Honourable Louis Straker/ Minister of Foreign Affairs)

Select Committee
6.* Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill, 2019  
     (Honourable Montgomery Daniel/Minister of Planning)
Select Committee

7.* Tax Administration Bill, 2019                 
     (Honourable Camillo Gonsalves/Minister of Finance)

Select Committee
8.* Child Justice Bill, 2019                        
     (Honourable Frederick Stephenson/Minister of            
     Social Development)
Select Committee Report
2nd &3rd Readings/passed 
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