1. Motion on Electoral Reform

Moved by Dr. the Honourable Godwin Friday and seconded by Major the Honourable St. Clair Leacock


WHEREAS public confidence in the electoral to deliver free and fair elections is vital to democracy:

AND WHEREAS the electoral system in our country has revealed serious problems over the years and most recently in the 2015 general elections that have shaken public confidence in it;

AND WHEREAS the Special Voter Registration Period and the lack of impartiality among election officials-have been highlighted as being among such problems; AND WHEREAS election Observers, including those from the OAS and the Commonwealth Secretariat, have noted Some Of the problems and recommended changes to improve the elections process;

AND WHEREAS in 2017 the Leader of the Opposition wrote to the Prime Minister to seek to address these serious problems in bipartisan manner;

AND WHEREAS general elections in this country are approaching;

AND WHEREAS it is necessary and desirable that the serious problems in the electoral including those specifically noted herein be addressed before the next general elections by, among other things, amending The Representation of the People Act; BE RESOLVED that this Honourable House Support a motion to bring about necessary and desirable changes to the elections process in our country by amending The Representation Of the People Act and by adopting other practical and effective measures to ensure free and fair elections and restore public confidence in our electoral system.

Dated this 23rd day of April _2019



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