The Mace of the House of Assembly was inherited from its predecessor, the Legislative Council.

It was made by Messrs. Garrard & Co.Ltd., Crown Jewellers of London, at a cost of $4,400.00, met from the proceeds of the sale of special Silver Jubilee issue of stamps.  It arrived in Saint Vincent in November, 1948 and was exhibited at the Government Office before it was installed by the ceremony on 9th December, 1948 after being blessed in St. George’s Cathedral.

In general, the form of the Mace conforms to the pattern that has been in use for some hundreds of years for all maces, with the head bearing the Royal Crown and emblems chased on the head and stem and on the knops and the foot.

On the head, underneath the arches of the Crown, is chased a representation of the Public Seal of the territory. The lead of the Mace is divided into four panels decorated by conventional forms of the cotton flower and leaf, symbolic of the Island’s main industry at Cypher. The wavy lines indicate the surrounding sea.  The supporting Lions’ Heads represent the Loyalty of Saint Vincent to the British Crown. The design decorating the staff repeats the ornamentation of the cotton balls and the leaf to balance those shown on the head. The whole is heavily water gilt.

Of exquisite workmanship, the Mace is some 15 inches shorter than the Mace of the House of Commons, Westminster, and is therefore more wieldy and less cumbersome to carry.




In the House of Assembly, the Sergeant-at-Arms precedes the Speaker in a ceremonial capacity. He is the custodian of the Mace, which signifies the presence of the Queen in the House, when placed on the table.

The Sergeant-at-Arms, who usually wears a ceremonial uniform, is responsible for the maintenance of law and order throughout the precincts of the House.


Sergeant-at-Arms Corporal Glenroy Layne



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